Feb 4, 2011

SPX Friday Observations

 The 5th wave probably will not be as short as regularly is, and most likely I will assume on extended fifth to 1361-1378 range. I changed the (5)th wave count a little. It is similar to the count of friend of mine. 

In bigger time frame the picture still looks bullish. Since 1/3/2011 the price is something like "trying to escape from the expanding blue triangle chains"' but still not able to make it. The upper line keeps the closing daily price bellow and the lower line keeps it above. 
1361 looks like a price magnet, because 1360.65 is 261.8% of the (1)st wave, and 1361.01 is 100.00% of the (3)th wave. Untill we don't see breakthrough the triangle chains in weekly base before reaching 1361, I will reckon on this scenario.
Good luck trading!