Mar 1, 2016

US Soybean- update

It is time now to trade the triangle pattern. It's possible to project the triangle's target area according to few trading strategies. 

Gann's astrological methods can help us to determine PRICE and TIME targets, which is much more than price targets only. 

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Feb 12, 2016

US Soybeans - Triangle Pattern Update

        During the yesterday's trading session the price reacted to the lower triangle line as I expected. This usually appears when the price is not ready to breakthrough the triangle. Sentimentally it means the buyers and the sellers have equal strengths and positions, painting sharp and nasty moves in range. 
Good luck waiting!

Feb 8, 2016

US Soybeans - Triangle Pattern

        Since last September US Soybeans has been moving sideways painting pretty nice triangle pattern. According to few technical theories the price target should be projected to the downside, but not before breakthrough the lower line of the pattern .  Untill then we are doing nothing.
Please wait for update.

Jan 15, 2015


         Recently I observe the main Dutch AEX25 and test few W.D.Gann methods.
At the chart I have applied few astrology methods (fourth dimension, first trade horoscope, planetary longitude conversion into prices and planetary aspects which cause price reaction). I applied all these method  manually as Gann did nearly hundred years ago.

Feb 12, 2014

S&P500 Update

            The upward move since 28/18/2013 1966.26 low  looks quite impulsive, and therefore I have labeled it as an impulsive. According to this count 1851 high should be the first Minor of fifth Int. The 1737 low is labeled as Minor 2 or the begining of something else.
            Short term my indicators looks overbought, nevertheless I will wait for one more small 5 of Minuette degree to complete the impulsive five of Minute 1st. If not, the current very short term count should be discussed again. The blue horizontal lines are short term support resistanse zone.
          Few of the main EU Indexes I observe (AEX25,STOXX50,DAX30,CAC40), are on their way to meet old resistanse zones. 

I will leave my long term count the same about now.

 I will discuss my favorite EU Index AEX25 soon.
Good luck to all.