Feb 12, 2014

S&P500 Update

            The upward move since 28/18/2013 1966.26 low  looks quite impulsive, and therefore I have labeled it as an impulsive. According to this count 1851 high should be the first Minor of fifth Int. The 1737 low is labeled as Minor 2 or the begining of something else.
            Short term my indicators looks overbought, nevertheless I will wait for one more small 5 of Minuette degree to complete the impulsive five of Minute 1st. If not, the current very short term count should be discussed again. The blue horizontal lines are short term support resistanse zone.
          Few of the main EU Indexes I observe (AEX25,STOXX50,DAX30,CAC40), are on their way to meet old resistanse zones. 

I will leave my long term count the same about now.

 I will discuss my favorite EU Index AEX25 soon.
Good luck to all.


Fi La said...


did you mean:

If we are swing or longer term traders or investors- the "logarithmic"(!) one.

mdkolev said...

Fi La- If we are swing or longer term traders or investors better use the linear one.
Happy New Year