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Jan 15, 2015


         Recently I observe the main Dutch AEX25 and test few W.D.Gann methods.
At the chart I have applied few astrology methods (fourth dimension, first trade horoscope, planetary longitude conversion into prices and planetary aspects which cause price reaction). I applied all these method  manually as Gann did nearly hundred years ago.

Oct 15, 2010

AEX- Elliott wave update

AEX is one of my favourite European Indexes. Since May the price chose the wide range lateral track. Technicaly the price is still in that lateral track channel, where  bulls and bears are still regrouping. Whose group is going to take advanse; we"ll make us clear later this year. According to the current Elliott count we must be in the game already, because the iii of a (3) or (c) is in progress. And bigger pattern "flat" has already finished, marking (c) wave(305.17) as main low. The projection of the next leg up is at least to 61.8% Fibo of " i " wave- around 350.
My favourite charting tool shows the same target as well.
Good luck!

Jul 23, 2010

AEX - Elliott Wave Update

The European (Dutch) market looks bullish as well as the US one. As early as this week we'll see how strong the new rally really is. Friday performance already showed us that it doesn't seem to be the optimum. It retraced normally (healthy) at 61.8% Fibo, and as you see we are up again.
I've got to say that I'm not quite sure about the emerging pattern on daily base, but sure there is more room for the price to go up.

                                                                                                                     Some Dutch history
Dutch Expansion in the East IndiesImage via Wikipedia
Good luck!

Feb 19, 2010

AEX - To the horses!!!

        As you've noticed, I prefer to analyze and trade not as "famous" instruments, as DJIA or SPX ets. Why? The answer is - there is a lot of "noise" there, because they are the most traded instruments in the world.
        Isn't the most important thing for us- the "market speculators", to find out where are the most reliable patterns, and signals to trade or invest in ??? . Most important thing for us is to make cash, alongside with satisfying our EGO, make us feel proud of our selfs.
        I can assure you, there are many not so "famous" instruments, who paint very clear and reliable wave patterns, and give reliable signals, worth to be traded. It doesn't make sense to follow, and chase only one instrument, wherever it goes.
      Few years ago I had such a bad experience, when I was chasing only one.Then I felt I had the duty to be in the GAME all the time. Suddenly one day I found my trading account empty. That is one of my stories.

My preferred count about AEX is 5 waves as an "expanded leading diagonal". Alt one is for a complex (W)(X)(Y). One"zig-zag" is completed and (C) wave of the second one is underway.
           The current move has corrected the pattern to 38.2%Fibonacci, which forced me to open short position. The red bear line stopped the price about now. The first target is around 301.50. If the price action breaks 296.36 resistance, the bears could lead  the price to 286.50, where is my second target.
                                                                Good luck!!!

Feb 18, 2010

AEX - Elliott Wave Analysis

I respect AEX Index a lot, because it's Dutch. Maybe, some of you don't know the fact, that the  word "BOURSE" comes from HOLLAND in 17th century, but this is other theme. Some day I'll tell you the whole story.
So AEX, like it's European fellows DAX and STOXX50 has painted something, which was worth to involve me in trades - "C" wave of the "zig -zag". Usually I don't trade corrections, except when I am in a good trading condition.The pattern I have labeled as (1) wave looks like an "expanded leading diagonal".
The price already met my first target and 38.2% Fibonacci, painting complex correction. I still don't know if the price going further to 61.8% Fibo or not. It is possible channel line back test as well, which will be close 61.8% retrace. I think better get out, and prepare my mind for bear dance.