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Oct 27, 2011

EUR/USD - Elliott Wave Update

The pair EUR/USD chose the steep direction toward 1.4550.

EUR/GBP overcame the resistance 0.8795, and turned it into support.

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EUR/GBP - Elliott Wave Update

       The currency pair EUR/GBP made corrective pullback, which was little more complicated  than I expected , but it's OK.  
       The pattern which I prognosticated still seems to be valid, and I still expect bounce up toward 0.8940.
       As you can see the price gives a try to overcame the 0.8787 resistance.
       I would appreciate your effort to comment the instruments, which I analyze in this blog. If you have any suggestions - I am an open source. 
                                                            Good luck trading!

Oct 23, 2011


Looks like the Euro pushes up the GBP as well.
The (( C )) wave is expected to unfold toward 0.8940.
Good luck trading!