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Mar 15, 2010

The Hard Rock music and the Elliott Wave Principle part II

                                                      PART II

             In the beginning of 60 - groups like “The Beatles",” The Rolling Stones” change the rock by accessioning greater sounds, heavy guitars, loud drums and strong singers. That sound  becomes the hard rock’s ground, and leaves a deep sign in my musical culture later. That style forms at last and becomes known at the end of 60s . Deep purple and Led Zeрpelin help out for its imposition with their first albums.    Note that then the world indices are already consolidated.
            During the 70s the assortment of other genres evolves from the hard rock. Queen mixes hard rock and heavy metal, progressive, even opera.
        Like every economic trend, and the musical one makes corrections.
 In 1980 Led Zeрpelin breaks after the drummer’s sudden death. The AC/DC’s vocal- Bon Scott dies  in the same year. Thereupon the fact, I have reason to suspect the end of the first  from third wave of "classical" hard rocks-bands.
   Some groups like Queen even goes away from hard rock sounding, they oriented to the pop-rock.
        The end of 80’s, according to my screenings is the most successful period for the hard rock music.
       Based on the wave counting, I suppose to expect third of a third wave. The first places in the musical rankings have been reached by hard rocks bands mostly. Bon Jovy’s "Slippery when wet" (1986) stays for 8 weeks in ” Billboard” ranking.  Europe’s "The final countdown" reaches a number-1 in 26 countrys. In 1987, the most mind - blowing albums are" Appetite for destruction" of  Guns’n Roses, and  Def Leppard’s “Hysteria”. I know that I cut quite great names in hard rock and their interpretation in the rankings, therefore expect all fans to forgive me.
         In the beginning of 90 appears new  combinationpunk and heavy metal and other styles . The bands who make this manner are Nirvana ... . . I do not remember about others.  I offer  to label this period as a fifth of third wave. Then launches a range of genres with hard core, rap and soul mixture. I intentionally missed  to enrich my musical culture, because I prefer the classics.
        I have the reason to suspect  beginning of wave four  around the beginning of the new millennium.This period begins I think with apathy about  the fans and the rocks-bands. The concert manifestations are rarity, probably due to the concern about avian flu  infection, anthrax or terrorist  assaults. The world indices as well went in corrections . The fourth waves have consolidating character .
      Fifth waves are usually based on extreme and mindless optimism.  Their form is different  and depends on previous 1st and 3th waves proportion.
       In the beginning of the new century older and gray, some of my favourite groups begun to make songs, singles as well, validated their concert activity and even visited my country few times.
       I offer this period to be labeled as wave number five. During this wave i was really happy, because one of my dreams came true.  I had the opportunity to watch my favourite rock bands live. I visited in a three years period Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Ronnie James Dio and Rainbow, who brought dose of harmony in my soul.
       The most famous recent hard rock-bands have members from last century groups. For example “Velvet revolver” has member of the ex Guns’n Roses. These groups make secondary  meetings out and events
       Led Zeppelin export one concert and revive the hard rock-pastime again.
    According to Elliott Wave Model if we have five waves in one direction suppose to expect three waves (A B C) in the backward direction.

      I have reasons to think that the correction has already begun. What exactly do I can expect in times after this correction still can only imagine, but possibly the rock music will receive some other kind of sounding. I really hope that kind of the rock to sound like Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rainbow, AC /DС, Def Leppard and other rock dinosaurs. 


Mar 11, 2010

The Hard Rock music and the Elliott Wave Principle

       I wrote this material almost one year ago, but i lost it somewhere in my PC hard drive. Fortunately few days ago I dug it out. 
    First I want to appologise about the botchy translation, but I think the idea by itself is more important, so leave the market for a while and read this;  
                                                                            PART I

              As a huge hard rock fan, I will try to apply this type of music as a social mood, its beginnings and derivatives to the Elliott Wave Principle.
          The blues originates at the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.  Largely the country-music has been brought by the white emigrants in North America.
              Most of us know the meaning of "the blues"-, melancholy, depression etc. In the blues the escort has been with a guitar and banjo. The love, the farewell, the death, the slavery and the similar excited-physical states are the subjects.
             We will review that period as wave 1 of one musical trend, which has reflected in itself the crowd’s emotional condition. Typically for the first waves in a new bull trend is, that they are build themselves when everybody are totally despaired , concerned about the future. That period is overlapped by the world economy, which is at the doorway to the strong rise unseen for all time, whose pick achieves in 1929. We all have heard about that year.
           Wave 2 normally begins, when the negative spirits are still in evidence. At this time the news are even worse, than they have been near the previous bottom, but despite this the mass stock selling and the fear do not manage to bring new low. Prices do not fall under the previous bottom.
               Next few years the music gets curling up as a social mood. Some names in blues are confirmed in this period /1930-1950/ as Moody Waters, Willie Dickson etc. That time matches with the Spirit Prohibition and the Second World War.           Let’s label that period as wave 2.
          In 54th "Rock around the clock" with guitar and drums accompaniment by Bill Haley blows the crowd and become a hit very fast.
              Then begins wave 3 according to my point of view. That is the best thing could happen to everyone. It is a suicide standing against the 3th waves.
  Wave number 3 matches with the rising economic trends and continues to nearly 2000 year.
              In the end of 50s - Radio announcer used the concept-rock"n"roll for the first time, which is blues and country mixture. Then that style is presented and sung only by Afro-Americans as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Beau Didley etc. A deal of great contribution gives "the boy of America" Elvis Presley. We have to mention Buddy Halle, Jerry Lee Louis and Johnny Cash as well.