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Aug 13, 2010

SUGAR- Elliott Wave Update- Friday the 13th

No surprises here. The entire corrective rally started in 5/7/2010 still continues. Since my last update the price action painted H&S pattern as I expected. 

Jul 15, 2010

SUGAR- Elliott Wave Update

The sugar bulls seem to be still breathing. The price tested important support and bounced up successfully for new corrective high. Most likely the price will nest at $24.56 area and then will collapse for "C" wave of a "zig-zag". There are few evidence supporting that scenario :
  • The price will meet 61.8% of "A" wave.
  • There is 161.8% of the corrective (a) wave.
  • If we overcame 38.2% will see the right shoulder of  potential H&S pattern completed, and that zone in the bigger ellipse matches with the target roughly. 
  • See the circled bar in red.
                                                            Good luck trading!
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May 13, 2010


         Probably the sugar is rolling over for upward correction. Since February 2010 top the commodity has dropped down in five completely clear waves. And they look completed for now.
         We need to see breaking the main resistance at 17.74 in five waves to have buy signal, of course after brief  test the support/resistance at 15.50.  Be prepared.